How we work

How Outlook for Life Works

How we workInitial Consultation

We ask you to keep a food diary for 1 week prior to your appointment. This is not a judgment call, but it does allow us to see what type of foods you are eating and gives us some idea of your lifestyle and likes/dislikes.

Your initial consultation will take 90 minutes.

We take your body fat percentage, weight and measurements, so that as you progress we can see exactly what your body is doing.

We set some realistic and sustainable goals.

These include making changes to your nutrition. We work with foods that fit into your lifestyle, making changes as necessary to get you to your goal.

We will also set you some exercise goals.  Which may just be 20 minutes walking or may involve using our gym.


Follow up

One week after your initial consultation we recommend a follow up this is so that we can evaluate your metabolic rate and make any changes to your plan that are necessary.

We are always looking for feed back from you as your plan has to be specific to you to get optimum results.


Ongoing Progress

Most of our clients then continue to see us on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on their progress and needs until they reach their goal.

We then catch up monthly to give you new ideas and make sure that you are staying on track.

Your nutritional requirements will change throughout your lifetime and any changes in health or activity levels will change the specifics of your plan.

It is our job to listen to your needs and update your plan as necessary to keep you in good shape and optimum health.



  • Initial Consultation - $200. $300 for two (family or friends)
  • First Follow up Consultation - $55. $70 for two.
  • Standard nutrition consultations - $50 for 30 minutes. $60 for two. 20 minute nutrition check ups $45.

Gift Vouchers available