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Ginny McArthur"I went to the gym for rehab on my back. I was 33% body fat. This was the start of my journey. With the help of an amazing personal trainer and a nutritionist, my life was turned around forever. At 42 years old I liked myself and felt normal in my relationship with food for the first time."

I am a personal trainer, nutritionist and health coach with a passion for empowering women and changing lives. 

I am English. I married a lovely Kiwi bloke and have been living in New Zealand for 26 years.

I have two fabulous grown up children one of whom is in NZ and the other doing a master's degree in london.
My background was competitive horse riding. I coached riding and rode competitively for many years. I loved my sport and helping others achieve their equestrian goals.

Sadly all those years of hard work and falls started to impact on my body and after two back operations I had to give up riding competitively. It was during my rehabilitation after my first surgery that I found my new vocation.

Although I was fit when I was riding I still had very low self esteem and body image issues. Like many of us I was never happy with my body shape or weight. I had tried every fad diet known to man and was an expert at calorie counting!

Through my 20's I was bulimic and had a very unhealthy relationship with food, I hated my body and got into that terrible downward spiral that is eating 'disorder land'. I was the greatest binge eater there was.  The amount I could consume in one sitting probably should be in the Guinness book of records!

I got better after I had my children I still hated my body but I couldn't let myself be a bulimic mother.

After my daughter was born I was 87 kg (I have a small frame - it wasn't a pretty picture.) Most of it came off with breast feeding and being physically active but I was still overweight and nothing seemed to move it.

I went to the gym for rehab on my back, I was 33% body fat. This was truly the start of my journey with the help of an amazing personal trainer and nutritionist my life was changed forever. In under a year I was 56kg, 12% body fat and at 42 years liked myself and felt normal in my relationship with food for the first time.

I had tried and failed so many times, but now I felt that I had found some answers and discovered some truths about myself along the way.

I decided to use my teaching skills in a new direction. I qualified as a personal trainer, went to university to take my nutrition papers and started Outlook for Life which has been extremely sucessful. Last year I completed a Health Coaching Certificate with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I loved this course and I feel that it has helped me to develop further as a coach. I now view nutrition in a far more holistic way.

I have also become a First Responder with St John's which allows me to give something back to the community.

Along the way I have competed in Body Sculpting competitions, run 8 marathons, been on the radio and in magazines. I can now, in my fifties, say that I am at peace with my body and love my life!

Since re training and starting Outlook I have been able to be part of many amazing transformations and seeing people regain their self respect and find new purpose in life is something I will never tire of doing.

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