About Us

About Us

About Us"...Outlook is about lifetime nutrition and exercise – we are not a diet clinic - we are not a gym - we are a group of nutritionists and health and fitness professionals...."

Outlook for life is committed to empowering clients to make long term sustainable life style changes to enhance their health and prevent disease.

We are results based and passionate in our work and our way of life

We believe everyone has the right to be the best they can be.

We all know that dieting is not the answer we also know that you can work out until you are blue in the face and not get the results you are after if the intensity is wrong or your nutrition is not supporting your goals.

So Outlook is about life time nutrition and exercise – we are not a diet clinic- we are not a gym- we are a group of nutritionists and health and fitness professionals.

Outlook for LifeWe believe that everyone is an individual and that we all metabolise nutrients and adapt to exercise differently our job is to find the right mix for you and one that fits into your lifestyle.

We are here to inspire, motivate, support and keep you on track whatever your goals.

We work with men, women and children who are overweight, out of condition or suffering lifestyle diseases.

We are fully aware of the challenges and busy lifestyles of the 21st century, we understand the effect of slowing metabolism and hormonal imbalances.

We are here to help you get the best out of life what ever your personal challenges.

Our consultants work one on one with you over time to help you make the changes in a way that will work for you and you alone as we passionately believe that every one of us is unique.