5 Steps to a Happier, Healthier you

1. Get fitter…. Get moving 10 minutes a day to start with is enough to make a difference. Gradually build this up to 20 minutes and you are burning excess body fat, 40 minutes and you continue to burn more fat for 4 hours afterwards. Do whatever you like but do something - anything that gets your heart rate up is just fine. Walk, run, bike, Exercycle, swim, walk on the spot, walk round the house, move on a tramp.

2. Get leaner by combining your exercise with a low fat, low GI food plan. Use more calories than you consume and you will start to burn excess fat.

3. Be positive taking steps to improve your health and well being is a positive and empowering experience it will benefit you – your family, your friends and workmates.

4. Get happier - avoid feeling low by keeping your blood sugars even with regular meals containing protein and carbohydrate. Eat a diet high in omega 3 fatty acids which have been proven to help prevent depression. Get an endorphin hit from the feel good chemicals released in your brain during and after exercise.

5. Be consistent with your food and exercise let your motto be little and often with your food, exercise and water. Get plenty of sleep and spend quality time with your loved ones. Stay well by looking after yourself and never take your health, your friends or family for granted, live life to the full and enjoy every minute.


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