Time to refuel!

Time to refuel!

Make sure that you refuel before your time runs out.

If you don't refuel in time you are not getting the most out of your work out. This is equally true for both weights and cardio. Focus on refuelling straight away while your muscle fibres are super stimulated and crying out for both protein and carbohydrate. A protein shake with a high sugar fruit like a banana is perfect. You can even start to drink your shake towards the end of your work out for optimal timing. Then try to get your post work out meal within the next 2 hours this again needs to include a protein like chicken, fish or eggs along with a lower GI carb like brown rice, kumara or a whole grain wrap.

Post work out is a great time to eat your biggest meal of the day if this works for you. Remember you can train as hard as you like but without great nutrition delivered on time you are never going to get the results that you work so hard for.

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  • Time to refuel!
  • Time to refuel!


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