My journey to my first half marathon
I had the time of my life
And I never felt this way before
And I swear this is true
And I owe it all to you (Outlook for Life)
Oh I had the time of my life
And I never felt this way before
And I swear this is true
And I owe it all you (Outlook for Life)
At about 17km this song came on the Black Eyed Peas version and I now consider this my power song. The lyrics were just playing through my head and helping me to push through the physical pain and helped me break through the mental barrier screaming at me to stop.
I had the time of my life (this time last year I had no life, I was a unfit mentally and physically)
And I never felt this way before (never thought I would be fit and have a love for fitness)
And I swear this is true (speaks for itself, I really feel like a new person)
And I owe it all to you (Ginny, Chloe, Kenny and Dea)
Oh I had the time of my life (it's so great after years of feeling down on myself, to be doing something that I thought would never be possible)
And I never felt this way before (I have never felt like I could achieve the things that I am doing now. I am much more confident and up for trying new things and pushing myself)
And I swear this is true
And I owe it all to you (my wonderful supportive, family at Outlook, you are all so wonderful and caring it’s an honour to be part of such an awesome group of people.
Less than a year ago I was literally so unfit and overweight I found it draining just playing with my kids and doing day to day things like house work.  I sit here writing this having just achieved running a half marathon.  I still can't believe I have done it and I am so happy I got to do it with such a wonderful group of people.
When I first started at Outlook I wanted to lose weight and that's all I thought I would do I dreaded the exercise. I now love going to the classes for the people but also love the feeling I get from working out.  I am also starting to really love running especially after experiencing that running high I heard so much about.  I was in so much pain in the last 5km and really thought I'm never doing this again, even a few hours after it I was feeling that way, then driving home it hit me "omg I’ve just run 21km, less than a year ago I couldn't even run to the gate and back" now I can't wait to do my next one.
I feel so happy I rang that number that day, my life has changed so much, not only physically.  My marriage is the strongest it has ever been, I am so much happier and confident which my husband sees and appreciates.  I walk with my head held high instead of avoiding eye contact and looking at my feet.  I take pride in my appearance, before I had just given up as I felt like crap in everything I wore, I now love shopping and enjoy being able to fit clothes nicely.  I have also just started applying for jobs and have been offered two permanent days something I would of been too shy to do before and quite frankly too lazy to do.
I love and appreciate everyone at Outlook so, so much, it's such an amazing, supportive group of people who all care so much about each other.  There is no competitive nature at all like other gyms, people really do want to see everyone achieve their goals and are always there to lean on, push and drive each other on.
Thanks so much for everything this is now my life, healthy living, eating right and exercising my body.  My life has changed for the good and I'm a new better happy me.
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