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FUN FACT: I’ve been to Burger King three times since the start of this challenge! NOT SO FUN FACT: I am unlikely to have lost any weight this week as a result! But I’m avoiding the scales. Probably because I know that if I did hop on them, I wouldn’t have merely maintained my weight, I would have put on weight. Especially when you add 6 Licorice Chocolate Logs, 1 packet of Chocoade Biscuits (Yes, I did give in and try them in the end, and as the evidence suggests (consumption of the whole packet) they are quite, quite nice), garlic bread, and chicken risotto to the wonderful mix that has been my diet for the past 7 days, a higher number than I would like on the scales looks like a certainty.


To make matters FAR worse, exercise has been pretty thin on the ground too. Funnily enough, it doesn’t matter how excited I am to run the night before (I get all my clothes and lay them out ready to go) somehow, when 5.20am rolls around, politely acknowledged by the gentle ringing of my alarm, my excitement it severely diminished, and my motivation from the night before has well and truly left me. And I KNOW that if I actually get up and go, I will enjoy it, but sadly I really don’t like the ‘getting out of the warm bed’ part and for me to run, I DO have to get out of bed. Sadly. Actually, as I write this, I am looking at my running gear all neatly folded and stacked in order of wearing sitting on my chair in the corner. It’s been there since Monday night. And when I didn’t go on Tuesday morning, I left it there thinking ‘Oh, I’ll just leave it there for Thursday morning!’ and then when Thursday morning’s run didn’t happen either, I thought ‘Oh, I’ll just leave it there for Saturday morning!’ and when Saturday morning came and went without any running, I just began to ignore it.


However, I do have something to salvage from this week, Deanna tried out a new routine in class on Thursday night and Friday morning, and it turned out to be incredibly good fun! It was very tough being very cardio-based, no denying that, but it was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be back next week for a good laugh! Thanks D!


Ok everyone! I will see you in ALOT of classes next week as I try to undo the damage I did this week! And cling desperately onto the lead I have over Ginny. 

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Ginny McArthur
# Ginny McArthur
Sunday, 29 July 2012 12:49 p.m.
Best of luck with that Petra!

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