Orzo Pasta - Great for Carb Loading

Orzo Pasta - Serves 2-3


250g Orzo Pasta

1/2 Pack salad beansprouts

1/2 Cucumber, chopped

100g Chicken or tinned salmon, or lean protein of your choice per person 

1 tablespoon of shaved parmesan cheese

1/2 Pack of Watties supergreens frozen vegetables

1 Small avocado, chopped

3 Medium carrots, chopped

2 Celery stalks, sliced

1/2 Pot turkish kitchen, kumara and lentil dip


Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil. Add the orzzo and stir. Boil rapidly for 12-15 Minutes, stir every 4-5 minutes. Drain through a callender and put under the cold tap, let the water run through it, drain.

Microwave the greens on high.

In a large bowl assemble the salad and add the protein, supergreens, orzo. Then stir through the dip.

Season with salt and black pepper to taste.

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