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Blog time!

A week and a half in, and the soreness in my muscles is easing (finally) and the eating is becoming second nature. Actually, who am I kidding? It’s still bloody hard sometimes to make the right choices (and sometimes my willpower DOES fail, but more on that later…), but my resolve is getting stronger as the encouraging results of my efforts begin to show!

This morning, on a whim, I decided to quickly try on my Bootcamp skinny jeans (These are jeans I purchased at the end of last year, when I was about 83kg. They fitted most comfortably when I was about 81kg, and got too loose when I was 78kg, and eventually became too tight this year when I got over 85kg (And refused to budge past mid-thigh when I was pushing 90kg…)). Today they fitted me again, and while I would like to say they slid on like a dream, and when fastened, no saddlebags were evident, but that would be lying. Instead, the reality involved much jumping and side-to-side hopping, and the inevitable huffing and puffing to get the button anywhere near the damn hole. But! I managed to get them on, and even wear them in public for a whole morning! And didn’t even have to discretely undo the button after having lunch at my favourite café! (Don’t worry Ginny, the delicious looking banoffee pie didn’t feature, I ordered the tomato and vegetable soup with a slice of unbuttered five-grain toast on the side, and it was lovely. And as for a coffee, I opted for an Americano. My first coffee since starting the challenge, mhhmmmm.) It’s small victories like this that keep me going! And it was just what I needed after last night’s Hotdog/HotChips/Doughnut(s)/SuperCaramelSundaeWithExtraSauceAndAFlake debacle.

Well, there it is. I said it. I had to introduce it somehow and what better way to do so than after some Good News (usually I go with Bad News before Good News when faced with the Good News Bad News dilemma, but I felt today was more of a Good News before Bad News day). Want to know the all the sordid details? Well, I’m going to tell you them anyway. I went to the rugby in Hamilton last night (Oh no! How could the Chiefs lose? Though on the plus side I got to watch Richie McCaw swing his legs around and do all sorts of fantastically flexible pilates-esque moves right in front of me. Like within 20 meters. It will forever be a treasured moment. (I must add that this was during the warm-up, the game was a whole different chapter.)). It was interesting how I found myself staring up at a smiling (sinister) white-aproned man in a caravan, selling deep-fried goods, ordering a Hot Dog on a stick (Corn Dog, my FAVOURITE type of carnival food), and Hot Chips. I was keeping my back towards the lovely (demon) tent selling choice alcoholic beverages. I even crab-walked away from the Deep-Fried Caravan clutching my Hot Dog and Hot Chips, so that I wouldn’t catch sight of the neat rows of bottles and cans (mostly the green tinted bottles that contain a wonderful elixir derived from grapes) and spoil Dry July. So I happily munched on my goodies (or badies, whichever way you want to look at it) and watched the fantastic show unfolding in front of me (at this point the Crusaders scrum was warming up. Ooh yes. I love the Franks brothers. And of course the superhero that is Mr. McCaw.) Then the Doughnut Lady (Devil) snuck up on me and took five dollars off me for a white paper bag of miniature Deep-Fried (there’s a big fat pattern occurring here, literally) rings of dough, sheltered in lovely protective coating of sugar and cinnamon. I ate them too. And after the game (what a heartbreaking end!) I found myself in the McDonalds drive-through for the first time since my car broke down in the middle of it (between the speaker-box and the pay window. It was a traumatic experience to say the least) a couple of months ago. At the time I took it as a sign I should never go back there. And I was listening to that sign up until last night, when the call of the SuperCaramelSundaeWithExtraCaramelSauceAndAFlake became too strong. Or I became too weak. Either slot into that situation just fine.

So last night I experienced a few weak moments. But that’s ok, I can handle that, so long as I remember that that kind of food, while delicious, is as completely un-nutritious as food can be and is most definitely a treat food. I climbed straight back on the wagon this morning and started my day with a lovely bowl of porridge, berries and yogurt. My focus has not left me, even though it did have a mini-break last night. I am not going to let one night of bad food ruin my progress towards my goals; it’s not worth getting caught up about it. It happened and I am moving on.

Oh, and also, on a side note, I weighed in yesterday (Friday) and jumped on the scales at 86.0kg (minus my t-shirt. I was really wanting to get into the 85’s but the scales weren’t having a bar of it) which is a loss of 1.7kg in 7 days. I’m happy.



(Sorry about the excessive use of brackets. I don't know where it is coming from. Not all of them are strictly necessary and are quite possibly annoying as hell. Next time I might go with footnotes. Potentially less offensive.)


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Ginny McArthur
# Ginny McArthur
Sunday, 8 July 2012 12:22 p.m.
Hello, (Hi) Good (better than average) Work Petra (Pet), You may be ahead ( for now)
But don't rest (at all) on your laurels, the bra overspill reduces, back fat under control,
I am on your tail (skinny jean backside)!!

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