People keep asking me about 'Anti- Ageing Foods'

We can't stop our selves getting older but we can choose to age well! I think in our 20's to 40's it's all about anti -ageing but then you hit 50 and go "oops maybe that should be postive ageing". Who was it who said that they intended to age disgracefully? I love that because we can get out there and live life to the full and do and be what we want. But  here's the catch to do that we have to look after ourselves.

There is no doubt that eating well, staying at a healthy weight and keeping your body moving are the best defences against many of the lifestyle diseases that we associate with ageing.

It has to be about a combination of food and exercise and posititve mindset changes. Remember that it is what you do 80% of the time that matters you do not need to be fanatical about it.

Here are some lifestyle changes that are easy to make that will keep you stronger for longer.

  • Eat Blueberries, blackberries freely and prunes, and other dried berries in moderation. They are crammed with anti oxidants that fight free radicals and help to prevent cell damage.
  • Eat 4 handsfull of fibrous veggies a day. They are ful lof fibre, low in calories and provide a huge amount of cancer fighting antioxidants.
  • Add garlic and ginger to your stir fries.
  • Eat 1 avocado a week.
  • Eat raw unsalted nuts in moderation.
  • Fill up with oats, wholegrains, beans and legumes.
  • Use low fat dairy or soy daily.
  • Eat oily fish at least twice a week.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Dark chocolate and red wine are great, in moderation.

It's all about balance and moderation, think portion control.

Active 65yrolds have a younger cellular age than their couch potato counter parts. 

  • Posture is very important.
  • Strength train, to keep bone and muscle density.
  • Stretch for flexibility and to increase range of motion.
  • Use balance and core stability exercises to prevent falls and back problems.
  • Breathe properly.
  • Do regular cardiovascular exercise that increases the heart rate.

Be positive and live life to the full!!

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