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How I lose 10kg and come back to run another marathon after injury

What a miserable morning. We had a good class, but even Kenny's irreputable charisma was not enough to draw the crowds for the run. Infact for the very first time no one showed up! Come on team if it's pouring down we do the main street under cover or we can squeeze you into a class. Don't use the rain as an excuse not to exercise.

For me it was a 5am start with a cup of coffee.

6am Class

7.15am b'fast. 1/2 cup Oats; 2 scoops protein. 270 cals

9am Pump.

Instant coffee

12 noon. 2 lebanese bread. edam, lite mayo with a little left over salad and a taste of smoked salmon. 911 cals.

As I left work they were just finishing putting up a hessian board at the back of gym. This will serve as our notice board, brag board, wall of fame. I so hope that this weather clears before Saturday for the Dual and Mauku.

Box fit is back as usual from tomorrow. Wednesday nights class will be at the Tractor Centre followed by the Rarotonga meeting and a food demo.

1.10pm Instant coffee yellow milk; 2 sweetners.

Why is it so cold and so wet? I don't remember summer.crying

2.45pm 4 small plums 1031 cals

5pm 2 Flatto peaches 1091

7pm 1 Birdseye Oven bake Fish - cooked in George. A salad of lettuce, tomato, carrot, spring onion and capsicum with a little lite mayo.

Frozen blueberries, plum and apple sliced with D lite vanilla yoghurt. Jarrah Hot choc ( I was in bed by 8pm!)

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