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How I lose 10kg and come back to run another marathon after injury

Well Saturday's run bought a real mixture of emotions, runner's highs, personal bests and injurys.

Chloe had to give up on her 19km run to help poor Sharon who pulled her calf on Cape Hill and ended up in Ed St with a bag of ice and the paper. Poor John also pulled a calf muscle right at the beginning of the run. Inger also had to cut her run short. Roy, Nicola, Cherie and Stacey all completed their 16kmsmiley.

It was great to see Gill, Celeste and Patch out. Leanne and Jenny walked together as did Rachel and Stephanie. Marie and Trina paired up, lillie and Kenny had a good walk. D pushed Petra along. I followed behind Kim and had a great first 10km and pulled up sound for a coffee.

We headed up to Kahve for a late lunch and then went up to the Volvo village and watched the boats come in, we bumped into Joanne Steele and saw Shortie's Sarah Potts! We had a fabulous evening in town celebrating St Patrick's day- there was alot of Outlook green around! Then had a flat tyre on the motorway on the way homesad.

Well done to Wilma and the Wilson's for their great efforts at the Coatsville Classic, I can't wait to see the medals.

Meanwhile bring on the Dual -Get to the Physio John you never know you still might make It. I've done the 21km at The Dual every year since it started, apart from last year when I was injured and Kevvy went on his own in the pouring rain. If you are thinking of doing it next year join our team and get 20% off!

For me it will be my first outing since Addra, not counting the sunset coast walk and I can't wait! I am only doing the 10km and will take it easy, I'm looking good for making the elusive 66kg by then.

So my short term goal is to complete the 10km at The Dual next Saturday uninjured at 66kg!!cool

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