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Like you, I love food.  My grandmother once said to me “eat only for fuel,” but those words didn’t stick (sorry Nana).  I love a full-bodied meal - BBQ in summer, slow-cooked and full of flavour in winter.  I love sweet things, cakes and all things “nice.”  I enjoy that pre-dinner time with wine and hummus, crackers, dip, olives and cheeses.  I am a fan of Nigella Lawson (who says, “As far as I’m concerned everything’s better with batter”).  I thoroughly enjoy watching the Food Channel, and regularly do (Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory is a fantastic series).  I have learnt all about the joys of good quality eating with my partner, who I will call here Mr. Gourmet.  And I love the light, fruity taste of a good NZ sauvignon.


Recently, my personal outlook on life has changed.  My obsession with food and wine is still there, but it is there in the right moments.  I am getting off the couch, even when I feel tired after a long day, and I go for a 20 minute walk around the block at least.  I am enjoying being outside, having time to ‘unwind’ and saying hello to other walkers, who seem to cheerfully egg me by offering a happy smile in return.  Why haven’t I been doing this before?


I met Ginny six weeks ago, who very kindly informed me that I was in the latter half of ‘very overweight’ and therefore with increased health risks to myself.  What had happened to that healthy skinny human being I had once been?  Overeating and lack of exercise, that’s what!


They say it isn’t rocket science, and we all know that.  But we still love to eat delicious food, and become lazy with time if we continue sitting on the couch.  It has been very encouraging to meet Ginny and to learn when to eat, and what I could nip in and add to here and there in my daily ritual.  As a result, after six weeks and without feeling like I am ‘dieting’ (because I’m not), I have lost almost 5 kgs and over 5% of body fat.  I have lost 14cms around my waist, 10 around my hips and more numbers around my midriff, arms and so on.  All of this while still eating brunch on the weekends and my favourite foods during the week.


This is my new ‘Outlook for Life’ and I look forward to sharing my journey with you here on this blog.






I could smell it as soon as I drove down the driveway.  My partner, who is a brilliant cook, was in the kitchen creating duck confit.  The duck confit wasn’t for me, although I am sure ‘back in the day’ we would have had that for dinner.  He also had the pasta machine out (brought home all the way from Rome) and had unsuccessfully attempted to make home-made pasta (thank god it didn’t turn out!  He doesn’t do things on a small scale).  Leaving him at home on his crazy cooking tangent, I put on my walking shoes and went for a brisk walk (thinking of that duck!).


Back at home, we ate a meal we often ate while living in Rome, where I surprisingly lost weight (as I am re-figuring out it involves lots of walking, smaller portion sized meals, life in perspective).  A handful of cooked pasta with a small amount of olive oil, sliced red onion, lots of courgettes, capsicum, tomatoes and sometimes an egg on the top.  We had something similar tonight and it tasted so good, and brought back nice memories.


Today’s Outlook:  Monday 5th March, 2012


6.40am:  ¾ cup ‘lite’ berry muesli, with yellow milk.

8.10am:  Went to make my Allpress filter coffee* at work but ran out of coffee and had a bit of a nightmare.  Clearly I wasn’t awake much!  So I bought a trim cappuccino, no sugar.

10am:  2x plums, 1x Quaker Bar.

12.30pm:  Ate a pear racing out the door to a meeting.

2pm:  Late lunch, I ordered a Cajun chicken salad at work’s cafe.  Very filling, lots of leafy greens and a decent amount of chicken, a little too much.  A smidge of a dressing – didn’t realise it would come with that, tried to eat around it.

8pm:  Dinner – Usually I would have had afternoon tea, but I was so full from that late lunch!  Dinner was a handful of cooked pasta, diced pumpkin, ½ a low-fat sausage diced up in tiny slices (my partner who works at Nosh assures me it is a low-fat version – called ‘Lamb Marquez’ apparently), tomatoes, lots of green beans on top.


Water:  3x bottles.

Alcohol:  0!

Exercise:  30 minute brisk walk.


Glad I went for that walk, I’m feeling rather full this evening.





Now for the ‘doing’ part...!  I’ve been thinking about joining the ‘Next Generation’ gym for about 8 weeks.  We have a special deal at work, and yesterday I went along and signed up.  First of all, this gym is not any regular gym – it is amazing, I can’t describe it but it is seriously being like on a different planet (in a good way!).   I went on the treadmill last night (did I mention they have mini-TVs on them?) and actually ran, which is also ‘amazing’.  I ran for six minutes, and then walked a bit and then ran for four minutes, and then walked a bit.  Then I saw I was very near 3kms and my 30 minutes was coming to an end, so I speed dialled it and ran until I hit 3km.  32 minutes, 8 seconds.  This is a start right!?  Oh yeah, signed up for personal training sessions with a buff cage fighting champion – what have I got myself in for!!!


Food wise, it really is a daily ‘thing to do’ isn’t it.  Last week I let wine creep into my life more.  Still, with work events (including a wine tasting evening), what’s a girl to do?  I didn’t think I had much, but it all adds up!  (Did I tell you about the time I decided to switch to vodka only to knock it over ten minutes after paying for it?  I took it as a sign that night was not my night to drink alcohol!).  This week I’ve managed to completely cut out my wine intake, and am trying to make better choices.  For example, the ‘old me’ would have said ‘yes’ to the offer of a free delicious Trim Cappuccino yesterday (my soft-spot!), however the ‘new me’ thought “do I actually want that?”  And the answer was ‘no’ so I said so.  I actually think the chap offering me the coffee could see me seriously thinking about what I was going to answer him with... ‘ummm, no, no I do not want the delicious Trim Cappuccino thank you.’


Today, we had whoppie pies arrive in at work (have you heard of those?  They are quite cool!).  The ‘old me’ would have wolfed down a whole one, or two, because it was free and delicious looking.  The ‘new me’ took half of one to try it, and I don’t feel I need it ever again!  Also, I had a slither of peach crumble earlier this week (I work with food being sent in constantly) but the ‘old me’ would have eaten a rather large piece.  Now that peach crumble was, I have to admit, really difficult to resist.  It tasted so damn good!!


Well, now all of my secrets are coming out – but the difference is I am trying really hard to make better choices, and to ‘slim down’ the portion sizes from what I would usually take.  My sister even commented, ‘wow!  Look at you, you’re good!’ at my selection on my plate while having dinner at mum and dad’s this week (and no seconds required) ... It is a constant daily, life decision to make these choices!!!  My next check in with Ginny is Thursday next week.  I’m going to try extra hard between now and then so that I can proudly show my exercise and eating regime.  Plus, I know I am capable of achieving a really good result.  If anything, just doing it all will make me feel great.


Today’s Outlook:  Thursday 15th March, 2012


6.30am:  ¾ cup ‘lite’ berry museli, with yellow milk.

8.10am:  Trim Cappuccino (Ginny, this is the first ordered this week!  I have been making my filter coffee normally!).

10am:  Plunger Coffee (PS:  Bought morning tea – cakes and yo-yos – for my clients, and I RESISTED.  And I actually felt okay about it, I was happy with my plunger coffee).  Afterwards, I ate a PEAR instead.  Amazing!

1pm:  Salad, lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken and small aioli (not much).

3.30pm:  Peach.  ½ a whoppie  (didn’t help with stress levels – I used to eat when feeling stressed, this had no effect, just sugar!).

7.30pm:  Dinner – Thai fish cake from NOSH, handful homemade fries (couldn’t resist those) and sauce.


Water:  3-4x bottles.

Alcohol:  0!

Exercise:  0. Went to the gym yesterday, and felt tired today – going back tomorrow... On a Friday!!



* – check out the Allpress filter coffee cone – it is so quick and easy and makes a similar tasting coffee to plunger.  Takes 2 minutes to make and 30 seconds to clean up!




It’s interesting noting down everything that you eat.  I am starting to recognise what my ‘pitfalls’ are.  Ginny’s e-newsletter this week has got me thinking.  She states ‘Biscuits, Cakes, Lollies, High Fat Cheeses’ as 4 of her 10 Worst Foods (the others are butter, cream, chips, aioli, high fat mayo and sausage rolls).  It’s the first 4 that are my weakest links!!  I too find it very difficult to stop once I’ve started.  So, here’s to trying to stop before I start.


What’s this?!  My partner has just announced at 8.17pm that he has something ‘extremely bad’ to eat in front of me... small caramel Easter eggs!!  I am practising what I am writing, and am not going to even eat one.  Also, my next check in with Ginny is in two days.  I really have no idea how I am going to go.  I have been going to the gym, and my trousers certainly feel looser – although I can’t remember if they have been like that for a while or more recently.  Anyway, I feel quite good but I also always feel like I could be doing things just that much better – continually cutting back (or completely out!) on biscuits, cakes, lollies, high fat cheese on the weekend... and let’s add wine to that list, and glorious chocolate.


Today’s Outlook:  Tuesday 20 March, 2012


6.20am:  ¾ cup ‘lite’ berry museli, with yellow milk.

8.10am:  Trim Cappuccino (first one this week in the morning, although I’m only on day 2).

10am:  Quaker Bar

11.15am:  Trim Cappuccino in meeting with client

12.40pm:  6x small pieces of vegetarian and chicken sushi with colleague

3pm:  1x Plum

6.30pm:  Quaker Bar on the way home (worked late)

7.45pm:  2x slices home-made pizza on Turkish base


Water:  4x bottles of Pump

Exercise:  0. Long day at work.

Alcohol:  1x small glass of sav.


Yesterday’s Outlook:  Monday 19 March, 2012


6.30am:  ¾ cup ‘lite’ berry museli, with yellow milk

9.15am:  cup of tea at work

10am:  Plum & Pear

1pm:  2x slices Freyas bread, low-fat ham and low-fat slice of cheese.  Also low-fat yoghurt.

3.30pm:  Trim cappuccino.

7.30pm:  Handful of rice with red onion and chicken breast (5-spice flavouring)

Bed early!


Water:  4x bottles of Pump

Exercise:  30 minutes on Treadmill at gym

Alcohol:  0.


Thinking out loud:  I ate better yesterday.  I had one too many Quaker bars and cappuccinos today.  Better than the peanuts, chippies and lollies that were on the boardroom table in a training session this afternoon at work.  And, I can clearly see that I need to add in more veggies/salad back into my diet.  All good, I know what I got to do!




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