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Hello team! I’m Petra! I will be blogging my awesome journey to achieving my long-term goal of being 69kg. Today as I sit here writing this blog I am 84.6kg.  That’s 15.6kg to lose in the next 10 weeks.


This is the third time I have written this blog after having deleted the previous two due to my complete lack of competence. I can barely even write about losing weight successfully, let alone actually losing it. BUT I WILL DO IT. I promise.


So in my first blog (actually, it was more of a novel) I wrote a HUGE introductory passage about myself and why I am where I am today. How I gained weight, lost it, gained it again, lost it again, gained it again, lost it again, gained it again, lost it again, gained it again, lost more than I ever had before, then lost a little bit more again and then put just a bit of it back on again. I realize I may have lost some of you along the way but, because, lets be honest it got a little boring and repetitive didn’t it? But that is literally how many times I have gained and lost weight.


I’ll give you my history in bullet points for convenience.  And just because they’re fun! Much less fussy! Much simpler! Much more bite-sized!


  • Healthy child/teenager. Played sport. Ate anything/everything.
  • Turned 17.
  • Got job at Baker’s Delight.
  • I love bread.
  • 25 kilograms happened.
  • In 5 months.
  • In denial.
  • Mum saw it.
  • Mum gently encouraged me to see a lovely woman named Ginny.
  • Did so.
  • Sort of listened.
  • Sort of successful.
  • Did 12 Week Challenge. x5.
  • Started Challenge No.6 (the one we are on RIGHT NOW).
  • Turned 21.
  • Today’s entry: Began Challenge PROPERLY today.
  • Future entry(Cue lots of spooky Sci-Fi music): Am now 69kg.


For the next 10 weeks I am going to blog my food diary. I will tell you all about my naughty moments and why they happened. I will also tell you lots of JUICY gossip about Ginny. Like how every time someone fails to write a food diary for her, she notes his or her name down in her little black book. It’s true. I’ve seen it. But don’t worry. Half of it is filled with my name. Soon she won’t have room for anyone else.  That’s me. Taking one for the team.


Please tell me off if I don’t food diary! Be mean! But I will do my best, so you don’t ever have to be mean to me. Except if you are Chloe. She’s always mean to me. “That weight isn’t heavy enough, Petra!” in her sweet little singsong voice, when I am, like, literally carrying an elephant on my weight bar.


I had a bit of a rough start to this challenge. Let’s just say I am now 1.2kg heavier than when I started. But that’s Ok. It just means I have more weight to lose and less time to do it in. Fantastic.


Ok, see you at the after party, I’ll be the one who’s accidentally intoxicated because she weighs 15.6kg less than when she last had a drink, and has grossly overestimated how many drinks she can handle while still behaving in a ladylike fashion.




Friday 2 March


7.30am: Weight Watchers Nutty Muesli, Calci trim milk.


9am: Group Training with the lovely Chloe (SO unfit! I can tell I am going to be very, very sore tomorrow!)


10am: 1/3pkt Lavosh, 1/3 tub Turkish Kitchen Greek Yogurt and Cucumber dip (also makes a fantastic salad dressing).


11am: 2 squares of dark chocolate (Naughty Moment Alert: I got home and looked in the pantry, a serious habit I need to break. I justified it to myself as I was breaking off the pieces, that it’s dark chocolate and I’m only having 2 pieces. But I DID NOT NEED IT. Remember to next time visualize 69kg Petra, before looking in pantry or fridge)


1.30pm: 1 pottle of Meadow Fresh Delite Yogurt, 1/2cup Wholegrain Oats, 1cup Frozen berries.

3.30pm: 2tbsp popcorn (2 cups popped), 1 Meadow Fresh Delite yougurt. (Too much popcorn, will adjust that to 1tbsp)

Now this is where things get messy... I work as a waitress for weddings at a local restuarant, and meals are provided for staff. I started work at 4pm and finished up at 3am (A very short night for me!) I most definatly got caught out this time sadly. However I am working tonight also, so I can reflect on where I messed up last night and put things in place to make tonight more successful!

6pm: 1 white bread roll

9pm: Small piece of roasted sirloin steak, 2tbsp mushroom mixed grain risotto, blanched beans, leafy green salad with almonds, 2 boiled potatoes.

10pm: 2 Poached chicken and salad filled rolls.

11pm: 2 pieces of chocolate cake. (Delicious, but terrible!! Tonight, I must not give in to cake!)

1am: ANOTHER piece of chocolate cake...

3.30am: Finally climb/flop into bed.


So not a fantastic start! But I'm still feeling positive! Wish me luck for tonight, I will NOT let work trip me up tonight! I will take Trail Bars and yougurt to snack on, as this is where I fell apart. My dinner meal (9pm) wasn't actually too bad. 


Saturday March 3

9am: 1/2c Wholegrain oats, 1/2 punnet blueberries, Meadow Fresh Delite yogurt (the vanilla bean flavour is particularly good with the  blueberries, and a dash of cinnamon wouldn't be a bad thing either!)

11am: 1/3pkt Lavosh,1/3 tub Greek yogurt and cucumber dip.

1pm: 2 slices of wholegrain toast, 1tsp extra light cream cheese (as a margerine substitute), 2 poached eggs.

2.30pm: 1 tbsp popcorn (1 cup popped). Sadly, it was at this point I gave in to my tired, grumpy emotions and ate 6 squares of dark chocolate, 2 marshmallows (1 white one and 1 pink one!) and 1 Wheat Digestive biscuit. Not good. I never really thought I had a problem with emotional eating, but obviously I do, and need to watch out for it.

Now in comparison to previous binges, that was absolutely nothing. I EASILY could have finished the block of chocolate, AND the Jumbo-sized packet of Marshmallows, AND the packet of biscuits. But I didn't. I even went back to have another row of the chocolate, but this time visualised my 69kg self and literally threw it back in the pantry. And I felt strong! Baby steps, Petra, baby steps! 

6.30pm: 1 white bread roll

9.30pm: Dinner - Small piece of roasted beef sirloin, 2 boiled gourmet potatoes, spinach, shallots, salad greens and slivered almonds, 1 small caramelised fig, 1 tsp whipped goats cheese. 

Dessert -  Fresh fruit salad (I did not touch the large bowl of Caramel mousse and butterscotch sauce also on offer!)

10.30pm: 1 tiny 5mm thick sliver of fruit cake

In bed at 2am! So other than the tiny piece of fruit cake, I survived work relatively unscathed. It was also a very painful shift for me, thanks to Chloe's wonderful Group Training on Friday. However as Matt, the chef at work reminded me, 'Pain is only weakness leaving the body.' Though at the time I believe I may have not appreciated his wise words as much as I do now. Some interesting hand gestures may have instead been my response. Hindsight is a beautiful thing.


Sunday March 4

10.30am: 1/2c Wholegrain oats, 1/2 punnet of blueberries, Delite yogurt.

2pm: 4 Corgette fritters, cooked in Rice Bran spray oil, served with limes.

8.30pm: Scotch fillet steak and boiled broccoli and cauliflower.

9.15pm: 1 Whittaker's Sante Dark Chocolate Bar.

Meals were all out of whack today, initially, because I slept in. Lunch was not intended to be quite so late, but I had a full-scale, tears and all, meltdown when I couldn't find the right attachment for the food processor. My lack of sleep had well and truly caught up with me and was turning me into a 3yo child. The attachment I was missing was sitting right beside the food processor the whole time, no doubt LAUGHING at me as a sat on the floor sorting through drawers, throwing Sushi-makers (Sushezi!) and cookie cutters about in anger.  And yes, this was not dissimilar to a child spitting the dummy and throwing one's toys out of the pram/cot. 

On a positive note, I gave away allllll the dark chocolate and marshmallows and wheat digestive biscuits that had been ruining me. I promise you they are off to a very loving home! This household includes a pregnant woman, who I hope has been craving dark chocolate, marshmallows and wheat digestive biscuits!

Tomorrow I start back at university for the year, so a new challenge presents itself in the form of being organised and strong when friends decide to go to the pub for lunch. No more cider's and squid rings for me! I shall sit there meekly eating my pita pocket and sipping my water, though I may go WILD and have a SPARKLING water!! So liquidy! So fizzy! So unintoxicating! OOOH! I've got myself all excited now! I may not be able to sleep!


Monday March 5

Today was my first day back at Uni for the year. I'm in my third year studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in both History and English. I thoroughly enjoy it, and had a fantastic day, with all my papers promising to be very interesting, but obviously at the same time, very challenging. Food-wise it was also a very, very good day! I had challenged myself to have a nutritionally perfect day, which is a huge thing for me, as I struggle a lot with self-control, but I did well!

7.30am 1/2c wholegrain oats, Delite yogurt pottle, 1/2 punnet blueberries.

10.30am 1 Rocky Road Carbless Bar (the Peppermint Rough ones are actually my favourite, but PaknSave don't sell them sadly.)

2pm 1 Wholemeal Pita pocket, filled with shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato, a TINY bit of avocado and the Turkish Kitchen Greek Yougurt and Cucumber Dip as a dressing.

Sadly I had back to back lectures from 3-6pm and had left my Trail Bar in my car! Silly! I then sat through my last lecture with my stomach doing some seriously impressively Heavy-Metal impressions. It gave a performance worthy of a standing ovation. So when I hopped into my car at 6.15pm, I ripped into the Trail Bar (Berry flavour) with gusto, and also munched on a little container of Air-Popped Bites I had packed also, for emergencies. I had dinner at a friends house that night, Chicken Enchilada's and salad were on the menu.

6.15pm 1 Trail Bar, 1/3pkt Air-Popped Bites

7.30pm 3 Chicken Enchilada's (2 would have been sufficient, though) without cheese, and a massive salad.


Tuesday March 6

7.30am 1/2c Wholegrain oats, Delite yogurt, 1/2 punnet blueberries.

10am Double Chocolate Fudge Carbless Bar

1.15pm Wholemeal Pita with shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato, and Turkish Kitchen dip and one chicken Enchilada let overfrom last night.

2pm 3/4 pk of Licorice (Not good. I went shopping at Nosh, and it was a last minute, grab-guiltily-while-waiting-in-line-at-the-checkout-and-staring-at-the-mouth-watering-display purchase. Completely sucked in by clever marketing ploys. I'm disappointed in myself.)

5pm Lemon Curd Frozen Yogurt. (No, Petra, NO!)

7pm Chicken breast, broccoli, cauliflower, courgette, small potato.

Golly gosh. I have had a crazy couple of weeks, when it rains, it pours. This was possibly a reason why I didn't start the challenge with a hiss and a roar like I noramally do, but having now started to control my eating a bit more, I feel like I can deal with these things a bit better. Even though these tricky situations STILL keep coming. Ah well! 


Right, well I've been crazy slack with the blog haven't I? Mostly because there's a bit of a pattern occuring in my eating and I don't like it very much. Every day, almost without fail I do something wrong and eat something NOT GOOD. And as a result, lost only 400g this week, so I'm now 84.2kg. A very long way from 69kg. Which is a little disheartening.

On Wednesday I ate fine until I went to the supermarket and saw an easter display. As I have already established on here, Chocolate and I are Frenemies. I love her until she goes and makes me fat. And she could very well stop me from achieving 69kg. 

Yesterday I gave in and just ate anything and everything. I felt low because I hadn't lost enough on the scales and just thought 'I don't care, food makes me happy and I'm going to eat whatever.' Actually, it does not make you happy. I feel even worse today because I ate badly yesterday and now want to consol myself with Piako Lemon Curd Frozen Yougurt and Mars Bars. Before I sat down to write this blog entry, I was literally planning a trip to the supermarket, just to buy those things. However, having written this blog, I am feeling a little stronger, I may take  leaf out of Deanna's book and go for a walk instead before I head off to work. 


Saturday March 10 so far

11.00am 1/2c Oats, Live Lite Meadow Fresh Yougurt.



Right, I'm back. With a bit of an EMERGENCY. Next Saturday, (March 31) a good friend of mine is celebrating her 21st birthday by sponsoring a race at Ellerslie and hiring out a room on the second floor. I love going to the races, and always dress up accordingly, and spend a lot of time planning my outfit. This time I planned to wear a dress that I purchased at the end of my last bootcamp, when I was 78.8kg. 

This is an issue.

I am no longer 78.8kg.

In fact, after today's weigh-in, I am now 85.1kg. 

Insert whatever expletive you think would be appropriate.

I have been planning my outfit for this occasion since January. I have found a wonderful vintage netted pillbox hat, some lovely classic black suede court shoes, found a beautiful purse that once was my grandmothers, chosen a fantastic matte lipstick in a very intense shade of fushia, and have booked an appointment to have my nails (fingers and toes) painted. I have a very vivid picture of my outfit for Saturday. All centred around this, off-white scalloped hemmed, plunging V-neck dress. That, currently, is a LITTLE tight to say the least. I have so far, failed to zip it up. 

So, as I sit here, writing my blog, sipping on my Diet Coke, I am panicking. Quite a bit, in fact.

I will blog my little mini-challenge for the week (not really a mini-challenge at all, it's a fairly monumental challenge, but mini-challenge sounds kinder.) and go to as many exercise classes as humanly possible and eat as little as possible. All while trying to keep up with my uni work (Did I not mention I have 3 assignments due the Monday after the races? No? Well, yes, just to make sure this week wasn't too easy.). 

Anyhow, I will see you in class! And at the run tomorrow morning, as Ginny, Chloe and Deanna very cunningly asked me if I would be able to take it. Just to make sure I go. Thanks guys.


Hello all!

Deanna, in her very kind but very persuasive way, cyber-bullied me into updating my blog. It came at a good time. I visited Ginny today and found out that I have an incredible gift. I managaged to gain 1.1kg in 9 days. No doubt thanks to the amount of chocolate I inaled over the weekend. Industrial scales would be needed to weigh it. We certainly wouldn't be bothering with mere grams. Kilograms would be nearer the mark. 

I am setting a goal for the rest of this challenge, right here:

I began my previous Bootcamp last year at 85kg. I finished it at 78.8kg. I began this challenge at 83.4kg. That was lightest I have been on this particular challenge. I am now 86.2kg. 2.8kg heavier. My jeans are now very uncomfortable. They fit me perfectly when I am around 80kg. 

I would like to finish this challenge in the 70's. Therefore I need to lose 6.3kg. That's 2.1kg per week. So my goal for this week is to lose 2.1kg. My second goal is to food diary religiously. Probably not on this blog, but I will keep you updated!


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Deanna Steven
# Deanna Steven
Tuesday, 6 March 2012 4:20 p.m.
Remember this is our last challenge Petra. Stay focused and stay on that wagon - I want you to join me on the maintaining journey!!!

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