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Hi Team!

Hope your settling into challenge and starting to feel great!!! You are all looking amazing and I am so proud of all the effort you guys have been giving us in classes laugh

I have been inspired by both Ginny and Deanna to get on top of this blogging business (after falling off the wagon many times, see we need accountability too!!) and after an AMAZING run on Saturday I am feeling motivated and inspired!

My stats as of Friday 24th Feb

Weight 68.4kg Fat % 17

Saturday the 25th of Feburary has been my turning point this year, running wise at least. I LOVE running and the feeling it can give you after a great workout. This is a new Love that only developed through training and running with you guys, my awesome fitness family. Up untill part way through last year I was on a roll with the running and was feeling fitter and faster every week, then my foot started playing up right before Rarotonga. I was determined it wouldnt stop me from running in Raro or at Auckland Marathon which was my big goal, with the help of some sweet insoles care of James Baxter I made it round both events all be it slower than I had hoped. I'm telling you all this because this is where my Love of running deminished (temporarily) After Auckland Marathon my foot was so sore that I put off running over Christmas and New Year and told myself is was a recovery break (granted I probably needed it ....perhaps not such a lengthy break)

Anyways back to work I went and attempted to get back into running, unfortunately I just wasnt feeling it and was nervous on my foot.... It was a huge mental battle and has been untill last Saturday. 18km was the go and I was feeling nervous that I was lagging behind in fitness. Away I went trailing (quite far) behind Kevy, his bright orange singlet was my marker...... truthfully I was trying to catch up, unfortunaley Ginny and I have done our job sooooo well Kevy was just too far ahead cheeky

Away I plodded and enjoyed the morning, running by myself gave me time to think and get back in the right headspace. At 50mins I trialed one of our new Red8 gels (I used the caffinated one), these have 40g of carbohydrate instead of the 30g present in most products. All I can say is I think they should be classed as performancing enhancing drugs! I felt awesome!!! My pace picked up and the tightness I had in the back of my knees eased and I was away!! I didnt feel the need or want for a second one as the first kept me going with the aid of a little Mizone OH and did I mention they were YUMMY!!!

All you guys heading into long distance runs should give them a go, I highly recommend!

Aside from that the runners high I had at the end of that 18km renewed my LOVE of running and now Im ready to get really stuck in smiley If your not in Love with running yet keep persevering I promise you its worth it!!

Exercise was crazy this week as I covered for Ginny at the start of the week 12 sessions in total plus one spin class and one pt session.

Food- This week was Clean and I was feeling great!! Saturday I stuck to the food really well apart from having rice at dinner with my healthy curry. It was the 1 year aniversary since my parents opened Ed St and my bothers Girl friends 21st so there were a few drinks consumed (Tom Colins- Gin, lemon juice and soda).

Sunday went right out the window when my lovely boyfriend made pancakes for breakfast, brothers girl friend brought her 21st cake over and that was lunch eeeeek!!!! Selfcontrol was MIA today.....Least im being honnest with you huh!!!! Watermelon while watching a movie, Dinner was lamb sitrfry with lots of vegies and a little rice.

This week will be clean eating, lots of running DAMAGE CONTROL!!!!!!


Progress as of Friday 2nd of March

Weight 68.2kg… 200grams down, not a great loss but I have found the first week back at university a little stressful!!! Chemistry is not my best friend yet but we are working on our relationship in some good old fashioned study sessions. Nutrition wise this week wasn’t too bad although there were a few slips where I was feeling a little overwhelmed or where I wasn’t prepared. 

First slip up occurred on Monday my first day at Massey University. So this week was O week……which means…………lots of free food!!!!! Uhhhh Ohh!! Normally I can resist most things but anyone who  knows me well knows that ice cream is my weakness.  I  love it!!! So what are they handing out first day back (and turns out for the rest of the week) why beautiful Kapiti ice cream of course!!! I only gave in once so was quite proud of myself. Next was a dinner out with friends, I just had chicken teriyaki…. Not too bad but in reality I probably didn’t need the carbs at night. Two scorched almonds crept on in there one night when I was feeling emotional after studying and not understanding my notes. On Thursday night I went on a cake baking mission for my boyfriend’s birthday  and didn’t pick at any of the batter (normally I can’t resist  therefore never bake) I was proud of that effort, however on Friday night I had a slice for dessert and justified it as I had a long run Saturday… or so I thought! All carbed up on legal pizza, cake and Mizone ready to go and then Mother Nature has a wee tantrum… what a waste of calories!!!!

The weekends have been bad for me lately and this one wasn’t much better. Saturday started well with special K (I get a little over oats so need to mix it up) with rhubarb (stewed with stevia) bio farm yoghurt and green top milk, cake….. oops!!! (we shall call that morning tea) late lunch of 6 pieces chicken sushi, legal pizza for dinner….. here’s the bad part ICE CREAM!!!!!!

Sunday 4th March

 6:20am alarm  1piece white bread with berry jam + banana

24km run, followed by 2 poached eggs on 1 ½ pieces white toast

1:30pm plum

Hours of shopping for ball gowns with my little 6ft model look alike cousin (she used to be little I swear)

4:40pm- 2 sccops Gelato (more ice cream ooops!!!)

7:30pm- Venison salad

Today I ran for the first time without music, usually I need/use it to keep me going but lately I’ve found its distracting me for focusing on my pace (fast song= run real fast, slow song= run far far too slow) not great for consistency, so thought I’d give it ago without.  Adding to that I thought it would give me a chance to think and try out my mental toughness.

Well I was right about the thinking, as Kevin, Wilma, Ange and I were running along Goulding road a car full of people drove past and the look they gave us really got the cogs turning in my mind. The look this car full of people gave to us was one that basically said “what the hell are you lot doing” they looked so puzzled by this group of people out running early on a Sunday morning. Now this isn’t uncommon I’ve noticed, so many times I’ve been told by friends, family and people I’ve just met that I’m MAD for running and that the body isn’t made to do so….. “people aren’t meant to  run that far”  “its bad for you”  and “I just physically couldn’t do that” are common thoughts I’ve come across.  WELL I completely disagree with all of these things. The human body IS made to move, there is a reason the skeleton is the way it is, there is a reason we have joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Believe is or not our body is a very clever design, we have our own natural shock absorbers and muscles that can produce a lot of power and strength. WE ARE MADE FOR LOCOMOTION!!!

 In saying that I get running isn’t for everyone but I’m sure these same thoughts exist in relation to most sports these days. I find it sad that as society has developed we have somehow made the natural movements of exercise this obscure thing that only crazy obsessive people partake in.  So many people believe that they just CANNOT exercise for many different reasons but I believe this is all in the state of mind.  I am of the belief that running and any other form of physical activity is at the least 65% MENTAL, the body can actually do what you’re asking of it as long as you tell it to “just keep going” “just keep running”. Persistence and mental strength is the key, sometimes you don’t always have a good run, half the time they are a tough slog, but just look where it has gotten you so far Outlookers. Physical hardship creates strong bonds as shown by our wonderful fitness family, so keep it up guys! Don’t let yourself end up one of the people that thinks their body isn’t made for moving, living and having FUN!!!!

Monday 5th March

Uni day today

7am- 1 cup special K, Green milk, 6 Apricot halves, 4 tablespoons delite yoghurt

10am- plum and a quaker nut bar

12pm- chicken teriyaki, rice and salad + soy chai latte

4pm- lunch slice, organic whole peanut butter

5pm 2 slices of watermelon + plum

6pm- sealord fish (soy and linseed) veges cooked in thai herbs

7:30pm- 45 min Leg session

9pm- 2 guava halves 3 tablespoons delite yoghurt

Average day eating OD on fruit

Tuesday 6th March

5am alarm- dragged myself out of bed- very tired legs today!

6am- 6.5km run in the DARK with my lovely fitness family (sorry guys didn’t bank on it being that dark!)

7:20am- 3 wheat bix, trim milk, ½ cup fruit salad, 3 tablespoons delite yoghurt

9am- group training with the breakfast busters, was a good class today J

10am- plum + Quaker nut bar

1pm- tuna, ½ bag uncle bens rice, steam fresh veges

4:15pm- apple + 12 almonds

5pm- Few grapes 

6:45pm- corn on cob, eye fillet steak, broccoli, salad, mushrooms cooked in 1 tablespoon extra lite philli (split between 4)

Wednesday 7th March

Alarm goes off 5:15am

6am- 6.5km run/walk- tired legs not doing so well today so I had to walk parts. Cape hill was a struggle today!

7:15am- 1/3 cup oats, 2 scoops protein powder + drizzle of biofarm organic yoghurt

10am- plum + quaker nut bar

1pm- 1/2 bag uncle bens rice + tuna + bag of steam fresh veg

3pm- 1 lunch slice w teaspoon of peanut butter + 3rd of a banana (was feeling very very tired at this stage)

5pm- 3 grapes and 3 blueberries as I ran out the door for 5:30 class

5:30pm- circut

8:30pm- Mince (I used a 600g pack of topside mince cooked with a packet of french onion soup, two cans of tomato, 1 can of chilli beans, 1 can of corn, 1 onion, jam packed with broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot- split between 2 with heaps and I mean HEAPS!!!! leftover.... lunches next few days yay!!!)\

9:45pm- plum + 3 soup sized spoonfuls of delite yoghurt 

Bed time for me as I was shattered!!!! 


Thursday 8th March

Alarm 5:15am- jump out of bed today slept well and am ready to attack the day!

6am- Group Training

7:15am- 1/3 cup oats soaked in 1/2 cup bio farm +2/3rds of a banana sprinkle of blue berries + Coffee 2 sweetners trim milk

9:45am- Quaker nut bar + apple

12pm- americano 2 sweetners trim milk

1:30pm- 1/2 bag uncle bens rice + leftover mince (and theres still more leftover)

4:15pm- 1 vitawheat lunch slice + organic whole peanut butter

5:30pm- Circuit training

7pm- 1/2 a quaker nut bar before the gym

7:30pm- upper body session 

9:30pm- Chicken Breast w sweet chilli sauce + bag of steam fresh vegies + broccoli and cauliflour

1 spoonful of dads ice cream 1 spoonful banana passionfruit...............stopped thought about having more .... asked myself will it get me where i want to be? Off to bed I went!

Friday 9th March

Alarm 5:15am- Struggling today, I didnt sleep at all well and my body is making sure Im well aware of this. 

5:30am- quaker muesli bar on way to work

6am- fun on the park

7:15am- 1/3 cup oats+ 2 scoops Protein powder + cup of tea 2 sweetners trim milk

9am- Group Training

10am- apple + nut bar

1:30pm- 1/2 bag uncle bens rice + leftover mince and veg (still a little more leftover)

4:30pm- chocolate creamed rice + banana passionfruit ( about 3 tablesoons)and a few blueberries

7pm- 1/2 bag uncle bens rice with canned tomato mixed through 1 corn on cob + rissoles 

1/2 a low carb Mizone and 3 apricot halves from a can

Weight 68.1kg sad I was so sure this week I had done realy well and I actually wanted to jump on the scales as I was positive there was going to be a big difference...... there wasnt 100grams oh the dissappointment!!!!!!!!!! just shows you what a really bad weekend of food can do I guess. Anyway I was already ridiculously tired today thank goodness for Deanna's help on Fridays as I think this week Ginny and I were both a little worn out by Friday.

Anyway thats besides the point on top of being tired I was grumpy and irrational about the weeks progress I got into that aweful mindset of being angry at myself for not doing better and proceeded to eat  EIGHT pieces of chocolate after dinner, 4 of which were dark the others hazelnut (I dont really even like chocolate- which just proves the ridiculos nature of the situation) I made myself stop I wish it had been sooner!! and went to bed feeling more upset with myself, taking a little comfort in the fact that I have a 26km run in the morning to make up for it.

Saturday 10th March

5:20am Alarm- fall into running gear head down to the fridge to eat my last english muffin that I had been planning to have as my pre run breakfast since thursday. Open fridge, Panic!!!! Cant find it!!!! Im sure I left it right there............Ahhh the joys of having a brother!!!

Ahh what to do.... settled for 1 slice of molenberg (brown bread---eeeek never had that before a long run before, Lets hope this doesnt back fire) with jam + Banana (I find on long runs I get really tight or cramp in the backs of my knees, but ever since I added a banana to my pre run breakfast havent had any problems)

Out the door in the car ready to run!!!  

6am- 25.1km run (mapometer was a little off) Today was an OK run, slower pace than last week.... again I ditched the music and opted to enjoy being out in the fresh air in the morning and to enjoy my run. I thought about my goals today and how I was going to get there...... My want to lose weight isnt because I dont like my body I am quite happy at 68kg, its kind of like my off season weight haha. But as rotorua looms closer the off season is deffinately over. In my relatively short running career I have found I run best at about 65kg that few less kg's does help with pace and as I want to run under 5 hours at rotorua I would like to be running at 65kgs......... How am I going to do that?????

NUTRITION- Clean up my weekends!!! Starting NOW!!!! So tell me off for anything bad that sneeks into this blog. 

9:30am- americano 2 sweetners trim milk, 2 poached eggs on two slices capeseed bread

12pm- 1/2 a bag unce bens rice w the last tiny bit of mince and leftover chicken breast (about a 1/4 of a chicken breast) + corn on cob

12:30pm-Saturdays I normally go for a deep tissue massage to sort out any niggling running issues, one of my biggest goals for rotorua is to remain sound!!

3:30pm- 1 lunch slice with two thin sliced edam cheese and pickle

7pm- dinner out with a friend went to Nandos so I had a chicken breast pita with a garden side salad and a coke zero. 

9pm- 2 squares dark chocolate NO NO NO!!! Jarrah Hot choc to kill the sweet craving. Straight to bed for me!!

Sunday 11th March

8:30am- 2 slices freyas toast with peanut butter and banana + a small V8 juice

11am- nut bar + orange

12pm- Jarrah hot Choc while studying Chemistry notes I dont understand gahhhhhh!!!!!!!

1:20pm- 2 slices freyas bread with edam cheese (a little too much I think although it was cut very very thin) with 2 tablespoons crushed pinapple, toasted.

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