Thursday 2nd February

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I hope that lots of you will come paddle boarding with us or if you are not in our area then give it a go in yours.

I'm all for new activities that push us out of our comfort zone. At least this time of year you don't have to squeeze into a wet suit or anything. I'm thinking baggy t-shirt!

This morning 67.7kg I will make 66. something this week- just watch this space. You know the last 5 kg are the hardest, the struggle is the same whether you have 30kg or 5kg to lose, it's all relative and it's all hard work!

I had my bone density scan yesterday. It looks as if my hip is only a little bit worse than it was 2 years ago, which is really positive. !t means that with all the dietary calcium and a vitamin D supplement I am preventing my loss of bone density from accelerating. Next stop is Dr Dale Speedy my excellent sports physician, armed with my scan. I can see right now that I won't be running Rotorua Marathon, so I will aim for Gold Coast 1st July.

I didn't try and walk this morning. I will see how my hip feels after pump tomorrow night and make a call then for Saturday morning, sadly no walk = less food!

8am Small bowl Kelloggs mini weats, 200mls calci-plus milk. Coffee with calci-plus and 2 splenda.

10.30am 1 Vita weat lunch slice, 1 tsp natural peanut butter. Coffee

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