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Ok so here goes Im starting my online food and exercise diary today!!! I need some motivation, this time last year I was sitting at 65kg and 16% body fat. Pretty sure thats the lightest I can remember being and for me Im pretty happy at 65 (although i do dream of hitting 60kg haha). A year later after final year uni stress xmas and new year currently sitting at 68.9kg... too much for my liking so my goal is to get back down to that 65 and get one or two more marathons under my belt cheeky.

Day 1...Thursday 12th

Went to a BBQ last night with too much bad food, so I didnt eat enough and woke up starving and with a sugar craving.... uhhh ohhh!!!

Breakfast- 4 wheat bix, 2 tsp brown sugar, 1/2 cup calci trim

Morning tea- Quaker nut bar + apple

Lunch- wholemeal pita pocket with 1/2 can chop chop chicken (sundried tomatoe and lite mayo mmmm), lots and lots of iceberg lettuce, tomatoe, beetroot and extra light philadelphia

Afternoon tea- delite yoghurt

Pre gym snack- chocolate creamed rice

Dinner- Sealord hoki fillet, ridicuolous amont of steamed broccoli, corgette and green beans... Ran out of lemons so mixed up a little bio farm natural yoghurt and hot sweet chilli to go with my yummy fish laugh

Exercise- 9am group training, 5:30 group training (mostly correcting form), 30mins cycling, 1 hour PT session

Water- About 3L throughout day

Calories 1605

Day 2... Friday 13th

6am Group training

7:15am breakfast- 1/3 cup rolled oats, natural bio farm yoghurt, splash of calci trim and 3 diced prunes (left to soak in fridge overnight)

9am- Group training

10:30am- delite yoghurt + fruit pot

1pm- Orange Kumera, tinned salmon, 1 cup broccoslaw with a tsp of hot sweet chill tossed through.

4:30pm- Apple

5pm- pump

After work Sav Blanc.... ooops!!

Dinner- Same as Thursday night

Jarrah Hot Choc

Day 3... Saturday 14th

6am- 8km run/walk with my lovely fitness family. First run back in a while and wow it was quite a mental battle, Im still a little concious of my foot and spent the whole run trying to tell myself to listen to my body and take it easy. I ran most the way and walked the hilly bits to avoid injuring anything again... turned out to be a great run on a beautiful morning with no pain in said foot :)

Coffee- americano, 2 sweetners and trim milk

Breakfast- 2 slices vogels toast, 2 poached eggs (I get a little over porridge by saturday)

Morning tea- small glass of Choc primo...was in a rush!

Lunch- wholemeal pita, 1/2can chop chop chicken, tomato, beetroot, lettuce, sweet chilli, extra light philli

Afternoon tea- apricot fruit pot, bio farm yoghurt YUM YUM!!!

Dinner- 1/2 Chicken Pizza made with turkish kitchen bases, chicken, pinapple, tomato, onion and a little bbq sauce, topped with mozzeralla parmesan mix

Drink with a friend- tom collins- usually Gin, lemon juice, soda and sugar syrup (I have mine without the sugar syrup)

Day 4....Sunday 15th

Rest day- but I did take my little Chico dog for a walk...although with him its more a very short leisurly stroll

Breakfast- 1/3 cup oats, soaked in a little bio farm yoghurt and about 1/4 cup calci trim, tinned apricots 1/2 cup

Got up late today so skipped morning tea

Lunch- Chicken salad, 1/2 teagle pre cooked roast garlic chicken breast, 1 & 1/2 cups shredded lettuce, cherry tomatoes, 1/4 red onion,Raddish, watermelon, grapes, balsamic vinegar

Afternoon tea- 3 slices watermellon

Dinner- 1 lamb and mint sausage, 1 cup brocolli, 1/2 corn on cob, small bowl of homemade vegetable soup 

Heres where it went a little wrong... 1 scoop vanilla ice cream- Ice cream is my weakness, my brother who is a tall skinny bean pole was eating it and my self control lost out-will have to run that off later

Day 5....Monday 16th

5:30am- 1 hour PT session, 40min cycle

Breakfast- 1/3 cup oats, cooked in microwave with water, bio farm yoghurt, few grapes cut in half with 1/4 can peeches

Morning tea- 2 corn thins with 2 teaspoons lite peanut butter

Lunch- Tuna, 1/2 uncle bens vegetable pilau rice, 1/4cup peas, 1/2 bag steam fresh veg

Skipped afternoon tea and instead consumed more calories in the form of two coronas in the sun with a friend.

Went for a wee 30min walk/run...mostly walking, foot is a little tender after saturday...I forgot to do my stretching and ice massage, Silly me!!!

Americano, 2 sweetners, splash of trim milk.

Got home to find Lovely Daddy had made fish and chips for dinner, Luckly it was just sealord hoki in whole meal bread crumbs and not the battered stuff dad usually likes.... I skipped the chips and instead had a bag of steam fresh veg and 1/2 cup broccoli (I Adore broccoli ommm nom nomm!!!!)

Day 6....Tuesday

6am- 6km tempo run, felt good!!!!!

Breakfast- 1/3cup oats, biofarm yoghurt (again left to soak overnight, I like to make my meals the night before....then i dont have to get up any earlier see haha), with fruit salad fruit pot.

Jumped on the work scales after run and was scales weigh slightly lighter than Ginny's so im not losing hope just yet!! Feeling leaner than last week at least :) noticed less overhang in my denim shorts yesterday YAY!!

9am- Group training

Morning tea- Quaker nut bar + fruit pot

Lunch- Maroccan Chickpea Soup

Afternoon tea- Quaker nut bar

Dinner- 1/2 legal pizza made with lean bacon, pinapple, peppers, mushrooms and tomato. Topping mix of parmesan and low fat Mozzeralla

Was then super hungry when i got home late, should have just gone to bed but instead I snacked on a Natural nut bar

Day 7.....Wednesday

Breakfast- 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup bio farm yoghurt, 1.5 cup fruit salad, 150ml primo

Morning tea- Quaker nut bar

Lunch- 1/2bag uncle bens vege pilau rice, tuna lite, bag of steam fresh veges

Afternoon tea- 1.5 cup fresh cherries, Quaker Fiber bar

5:30- track work, 7 short sprints + 2.8km walk

Dinner- Sealord hoki fillet with soy and linseed, 1/8 cup peas, 2 button mushrooms in brown onion gravy, 1/2 tomato, 1/2 corgette, 1/2 sweet corn, small vege soup

Supper- 1/4 cup apricots, 1/2 cup bio farm yoghurt

Day 8.... Thursday

6am- Run/walk, capehill runs, 7km

Breakfast-1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/2 tin apricots, 1/2cup bio farm, Jarrah hot choc

9am group training

Morning tea- quaker fiber bar + babybel cheese

Lunch- 1/2 bag uncle bens vege pilau rice, can chop chop chicken, bag of steam fresh vegies


1st of Feb

Well my blog went well for the first two weeks and then I fell off the bandwagon again, the long weekend got me and I am now sitting at 68.4kg.... Slightly lighter than when I started so its not all bad. Im still aiming for the 65kg I want to get there and maintain so I am refocusing and starting again!! Im very excited for the upcoming challenge its looking like a GREAT group so far and im determined to log my food and exercise diary online for the whole 13 weeks, should keep me honnest cheeky  Lets start today

5.20am alarm goes off, struggle out of bed to join 6am pump. LOVED IT!!!

10am- peech and a quaker nut bar

1L of water consumed so far smiley





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