Day 2.

Weight 68.5 (down 600g) It'll be fluid! Noticed unpleasant spare tyre or muffin over my 3/4 pants last night blush

5am Alarm Filter coffee 2 sweetners splash of calcixtra milk

6am Good turnout Ran 5km in 33.54 mins my first continuous run since my hip played up so pleased. Approx 350 cals burnt.yes

7.30am 1/3 cup rolled oats. 1/2 cup frozen berries. 100ml Live lite yoghurt.100mls calci xtra milk.

Filter coffee as above.

Went in and  watched some of Chloe's 9am class (should have done it really) Stephanie did 6am and 9am.Smaller class only 4 so if you like a nice quiet class... Did some admin stuff.

Drank 1.5l water through out the morning. Late home again and missed morning teaangry I have just got out of the habit of taking it with me.

1.30pm 1 1/2 wholegrain salad sandwiches  with Edam and Lite mayo. Lots of left over salad/coleslaw from last night. 1 cup of tea 2 sweetners and splash of calci xtra.

Went to see start of Box Fit.

6.15pm  1 nip of gin with diet tonic and a slice of lemon.

7pm onion and capsicum, fried in a spray of rice bran oil with 75g Buffalo mince, 75g of Pam's 4 bean mix.

Squeeze of coriander, oregano, a little tomato paste, a teaspoon of Gregg's coriander and garlic paste

and a little sweet chiili and lime. Serve with frozen stirfry mix and a salad of tomato,lettuce, cucumber. 

A tiny sprinkle of Edam over the top.

Put out clothes and food ready for tomorrow, which is my first proper day back at work.

Jarrah Hot Choc

1397 calories ok so that would make it 21/2 weeks to my flashy new pump pants!

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