Meet Chloe our fabulous Personal Trainer

Meet Chloe our fabulous Personal Trainer

“Chloe from Pukekohe”

Now I’m not actually from Pukekohe, although some clients like to think so. I’m a local girl, brought up on a farm in Drury.

I was never a sporty kid but got involved in horse riding, netball and ski-ing at about age 13, all of which I carried on with through High school. My main interest lied with my netball and riding and throughout the last few years of high school I became more and more involved in both coaching and playing for netball and eventing with my horses. After injuring my back in a fall I lost all my confidence and therefore interest in riding.  Here is where Netball took over and solidified my love of fitness.

Although I was always active with netball and the gym I wasn’t a happy teenager. I always felt like the fat girl at high school and was forever trying to lose weight sometimes in pretty unhealthy ways. I became very good at restricting my diet and also very good at lying about it, in my mind I didn’t have a problem. My last few years at high school I yo-yoed weight wise but found it hard through exams.

At 16 I tagged along with my mum to an appointment with Ginny, after listening in and picking her brains I started to think that nutrition could be an area of interest for me. This was just a rough Idea and I wasn’t sure about University so I thought a year on my own in the UK would be a better idea.

I travelled Europe and worked in a boarding school, the year gave me a chance to get away from everything and sort my head out. I became less worried about food and weight and just had a good time, returning home from the year away a rather large 83kg.

It was time to lose weight but in a healthy manner. I began a degree in Sport and Recreation at AUT University and through netball and my fitness training at university got down to 73kg. I was pretty happy at this point and got talked into doing a 12 week challenge at Outlook for life.

I LOVED everything about it!!!  I was the happiest I been with my body and felt fit, healthy and understood how to eat well. I completed my first half Marathon at Taupo and have been addicted ever since.

I began instructing classes at Outlook as part of my University work experience. I love seeing clients improve their health and confidence and gain a love for fitness and health. The biggest reward of being part of Outlook is seeing people become happier in their own skin.

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  • Meet Chloe our fabulous Personal Trainer
  • Meet Chloe our fabulous Personal Trainer


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