Guess what? Eating a low calorie diet for just 8 short weeks of your life can cure Type 2 Diabetes.

Even if your disease has progressed to the point where you are using insulin injections it can be reversed. Many people see Type 2 diabetes as a life sentence. But even after years of being diabetic the disease can be reversed in a few short weeks.

In Type 2 the insulin producing cells in the pancreas have stopped producing sufficient insulin. Recent reseach has shown that as fat in the Pancreas is reduced these cells wake up and start to produce insulin again.

Type 2 diabetes often occurs due to obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle it can cause strokes, heart disease, blindness and neuropathy leading to amputations. The latest research published in the journal Diabetologia showed that a dramatic drop in calories resulted in a reduction of fat in the pancreas and a resulting switch in the insulin producing cells to resume insulin production.

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