12 Week Transformation- next intake 2nd May



I am so excited to be starting a new 12 week programme on Monday.
What to Expect;
·         Easy Nutrition plans specific to you including menus, recipes and shopping lists, these will help you to get into a routine of eating well and routine equals control. Long term you need to be in the habit of eating well 80% of the time to maintain your health, fitness and figure!
·         Great Workouts. Walks/runs/ pump sessions and toning with weights.
·         Help to set your  goals and change your mind set and your relationship with food forever.
·         Most of all while it may not always be easy – we do make it fun – and remember there is a competitive element too!
About now you need to start to get organised and mentally prepared for the weeks to come.
You are about to become part of the Outlook Family- we are on your side- so get ready to come clean on your relationship with exercise and food, be brave and open up to the changes you are about to make.
We Require $100 deposit on Monday evening after which you can pay by AP weekly or direct credit as suits you.
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