Poem About My Journey with Outlook

To shed some kilos and get fit was my plan

So I decided to join the Outlook clan

A 12 week challenge seemed to be the test

Bloody hell, do we get a rest?


At 5.45, 5 days a week

Out of the back door I did sneak

At 5 days a week I was to discover

I needed the weekends to recover.


My goal was set with a 10km walk/run

What the hell am I doing, is this fun?

With everyone thinking they're the bees knees

All I am thinking, get a rum please.


After a while I walked Saturday morn

Up once again at the crack of dawn

That was great, with coffee to follow

It went down well ,very easy to swallow.


Your shout, my shout, what does it matter

It gets bloody noisy, with plenty of chatter.

A highlight recently was a kayak trip

Quite concerned in case of a flip.


The weather was great, so off and away

The steering...well, what more can I say!!

We laughed heaps, and you're all aware

Ferge and Gail made an awesome pair.


We paddled away, like jake the muss

A really good trip, quite hilarious.

Every other day at the torture shed

Ginny's up front, of course the main head.


Those up front complain a bit

Then we hear the shout "get over it"

The torture continues and as Gill begs

All we hear is 'come on legs"


Its getting quite big , with lots in the class

Being at the back I see plenty of...

That hour goes by pretty fast,

When mat time comes we know it's past.


With a last big stretch, we're off and away

With all being told to 'have a nice day'

Our goals are there, if we want them to be

The results for us all ,are easy to see.


So thank you my friends for supporting me!


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