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My name is John Woodward. 63years young. Height 5ft 8ins. 15 months ago I weighed 99kgs. I decided it was time I lost some weight.. A friend gave me Ginny McArthur’s card. An appointment with Ginny was arranged. I was to provide a spread sheet of my weekly food and liquid intake.
I play 2 to 3 rounds of Golf a week (the 19th hole being part of the problem!)
Appointment attended and it’s been weight loss ever since plus improved fitness.
Ginny told me it was her job to advise nutrition changes, mainly substitute foods and supply extra exercise opportunities
 Most importantly it was her job to ensure the life style changes I made at her suggestion resulted in no more weight increases.
The changes have included cutting down on beer. I substitute with Gin and Diet Ginger Beer.
More green vegetables at the expense of meat and potatoes.
Regular meals i.e. Almonds for tea breaks instead of biscuits.
Heart tick dairy products if any.
Drink more water.
My investment includes a monthly measure up of weight and body fat to body mass percentages. Plus attending as many one hour pump / group training sessions as I can. I try to manage at least 2 or 3 a week..
Pump/group training sessions are designed to exercise all the muscle groups. I thought I was reasonably fit at the start with the amount of golf I play. Not so. I soon found out when told to do a warm up run of two lengths of a football field.
Ginny and her other instructors keep a careful eye on all pumpers to ensure the exercises are done properly and don’t result in injuries. She constantly challenges and encourages pumpers on to greater efforts with the common goal of fitness and weight loss in mind... I particularly like the fact exercises are done to the beat of various tunes and songs.
In February 2010 I was diagnosed with a blocked artery at that stage I had lost over 10kgs. One week later with a stent in the artery I was back at pump with renewed vigor.
Had I not been involved with Ginny’s program I believe there could have been dire consequences associated with this problem.
Now she has got me running ten kilometers and up MT William with sights on further distances as a goal.
What’s good about her groups is the family feeling. We are all there for the same reasons and she makes the sessions enjoyable.
Here we are at the end of February 2011.My goals were set at 83kgs 20% body fat (that’s officially athletic) I have just made them.
Friends ask me if I feel better. What do you think .I have lost the equivalent of the weight of my 4 year old grand daughter. I suppose I do. It’s just that you don’t feel age and just do stuff without recourse. I really enjoy the exercise as an extra sport.
I have told Ginny when I reach 100 years and people ask me how I have done it. I will say” It’s because I went to Outlook for Life.”

Thanks Ginny.

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