This is week 2 of my 10 week programme

 My Quest is to run the Paris Marathon in under 4hr 30mins at 58 kg. Follow my blog - this my personal programme - but if you want me to write one for you contact us.


8kg to lose in 9 weeks I can do that. I know that I am leaner than the scales indicate because I feel good and my weight always goes up after an event.

I am still very stiff and sore all over from the Wharf- Wharf on Saturday.

3L Water

2 cups coffee - calci- trim milk no sugar.

1/2 cup uncooked rolled oats;1/2 cup yellow milk;125g yoplait delite yoghurt


Bought chicken salad wholegrain sandwich

Can of Pepsi Max

Mid afternoon

1 plum 125g yoplait diet lite

2 cups of tea


Pinched a couple of slices of Edam while making dinner! Then had 2 glasses of wine! 2 serves of healthy Quiche with salad and lite honey mustard dressing.

Frozen Blueberries and 125g diet lite yoghurt + 2 harvest crunch muesli bars and a hot chocolate.

Not a great food day!!

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