Day 6 Waiheke

 A 4.30am start. Picked up Andrea and headed to the City. Organised everyone's start packs. We left on the 6.45am ferry it was a beautiful morning and we sat up on the top deck and enjoyed the trip.

When we arrived at the top wharf Willy pointed out a huge Ray swimming under the wharf followed  by an array of little fish. I couldn't help but remember the size of it as I swam later and Steve Irwin came to mind! The first half of the run didn't seem too bad but I crashed about 8km from home the heat really got me and I must admit I gave up a little- but hey I did it and it is all good mileage for Paris.

800ml vita sport. coffee.

1/2 cup rolled oats raw with yellow milk.

Ferry Terminal Coffee.

On Ferry. Vita sport. Harvest crunch bar.2nd Harvest crunch bar and a few fruit gums.

On the run. 2 cups water at every stop. 4 gels (one caffinated) 1 energy bar. A handful of fruit gums.

Post run water water and more water. 3  Waiheke Shandies ( waiheke brewed beer with gingerbeer) 1 venison burger in white bun with salad but no dressing. A handful of rice crackers.

On Ferry coffee.

On drive home. More Water. A chocolate fudge slice! ( I love race days)

2 rows rice crackers with thin slices of edam cheese.

2 slices wholemeal Bread with Edam and tomato and lite honey mustard dressing.

One large glass of Pinot Gris. ( fell asleep after 1/2 a glass!)

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