New York - Again

 We ran on through Brooklyn and over the bridge into Queens. The Queensborough Bridge felt like it went on forever. There were no spectators on the bridge just the footfalls of fellow runners. Some people stopped to take photos of each other on the bridge. I wish I had the confidence to stop but for one thing I am always competing with myself to improve my time. Pressure, pressure the nature of the beast! Secondly I am scared to stop in a marathon in case I can't get going again.

Running through Queens I totally missed my support team. Just didn't see them at all. Which was really disappointing. I know they were there because Richard before me and Sheree after me both touched base with them. I passed runners of all shapes and sizes, nationalities and abilities. A heart transplant survivor. The Achillies guides running with people of differing special needs and disabilities. The great thing about marathons is that everyone wins. It doesn't matter if you run under 3 hours or over 7 hours. To complete the training and start the race is to win.No one beats anyone, some people just cross the finish line before others.

It was a good feeling to hit Manhattan- I was at this point chasing a particularly good looking Italian! Anyway we ran out of Manhattan and into the Bronx before passing back into Manhattan.

I was knackered but I wasn't going to let this one out of my sight. See what I mean?   

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