New York -Part 3

The logistics of getting 50,000 runners across to Staten Island before the roads closed at 7.00am must have been a nightmare for the organisers. But like everything else in New York it was carried out with military precision. Everyone was so nice, there were no power crazed volunteers herding you along. From elite runners to recreational plodders everyone was treated with the same respect. We were all made to feel special and the organisers and New Yorkers alike seemed genuinely thrilled that we were there to run in their marathon.

So by 7am we were at the start, I was in the third wave which started at 10.40am, hence the 20 yr old ski gear, it was cold. Luckily the sun came out but it was still very chilly in the shade. We were allocated a start village at the expo. Each village had live music, porta loos, coffee, bagels, power bars and dunkin donuts!

When the time came we were moved through to our start positions. I have never seen so much discarded clothing, there was literally mountains of it all the way to the start, in piles, hanging off the fences every where. Of course people were hanging on to their extra layers for as long as possible. It was a long slow strip tease to the start!! There were volunteers bagging it all up for the city mission so it all went to a worthy cause. If you are ever lucky enough to be in New York and to see a homeless soul wandering the streets in bright yellow 20 yr old ski pants - say hi from me! 

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