You are what you eat...........


You are what you eat…..
10 reasons to eat a well balanced nutrient dense diet;
1. To provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to sustain health and wellness without over loading your system with too many calories, or too much sugar, fat or salt.
2. To increase your energy levels and vitality. To promote a feeling of happiness.
3. To Stay at healthy weight.
4. To boost your immune function.
5. To prevent diabetes, heart disease, stroke and to protect yourself from cancer.
6. To Stay young!!!
7. To be strong and active and live a powerful, useful life.
8. To have energy for exercise and play.
9. To have strong healthy teeth and gums that are your own!
10. To be clear headed with good concentration and a sharp mind with no mood swings or depression.
Fuel yourself to make the most of every precious moment of your life.
You are what you eat…………………..
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