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Call Us Today!

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Outlook for Life
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New Zealand

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Outlook for Life Nutrition

Our nutrition consultations are on a one-one basis. Whatever your goal from weight loss to sports nutrition your food plan will be unique to you.

We also work with Doctors refferals and people who are suffering from diabetes and heart disease our results speak for themselves.

Feature Article

End of week five


A great week for me!

Body sculpt Mon-Thurs. Pump Mon&Wed.

An 8km walk/run Monday morning. Mount William Pokeno side Monday night.

A fabulous off roader in the Hunuas this morning, followed by a healthy breakfast at John Hills Vineyard on the way home.

What a neat place, I'll definitely be brining kenny back for dinner here!

My fitbit reads 13000 seps already! I now have 33 clients on my dashboard. Come and join me with this great tracking device! I'm looking forward to a free meal tonight with a glass of wine and a an active rest day tomorrow spent with my clever daughter who just scored an A- on her first Personal Training paper.

Feature Article

St Claire's Half

Yet another sucessfull event for TEAM OUTLOOK.

Dressed as  Ninja's OUTLOOK took the South Island by storm!


Do you live in the Franklin Area, then why not...

Join us for weight loss and fitness classes, food demonstrations and supermarket tours...Great Classes, Neat Atmosphere, One on One Support 



  • 5am Body Sculpt
  • 6am - Group Training/walk/run
  • 7am Body Sculpt
  • 9am - OFL Pump
  • 10am Low Impact
  • 6.00pm OFL Cardio Class


  • 5am Walk/run
  • 6am – Run/walk
  • 6am OFL Group Training
  • 7am Body Sculpt
  • 9am –  Group Training
  • 5.30pm – OFL Box Fit
  • 6.30pm Strength Training


  • 5am Body Sculpt
  • 6am – Pump
  • 6am Run/Walk
  • 9am – Group Training
  • 10am Low Impact
  • 5.30pm OFL Cardio


  • 5am – OFL Sculpt
  • 6am Group Training or Run/Walk
  • 7am Body Sculpt
  • 9.00am Group Training
  • 5.30pm OFL –Box Fit
  • 6.30pm Strength Training


  • 5am Body Sculpt
  • 6.00am –OFL Runner's workshop
  • 9.00am – OFL Boxing
  • 10.00am Low Impact
  • 5.30pm – Pump


  • 6.00am – Run/Walk 

Please bring towel and drink bottle to workout / pump sessions. 
All workout/pump sessions are at the studio downstairs at The Tractor Centre.
Run/walk sessions meet at Bledisloe Park

Monthly Passes unlimited classes + nutrition consult $110 per calendar month.