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Outlook for Life Nutrition

Our nutrition consultations are on a one-one basis. Whatever your goal from weight loss to sports nutrition your food plan will be unique to you.

We also work with Doctors refferals and people who are suffering from diabetes and heart disease our results speak for themselves.

Feature Article

Never Give Up!

Never give up!

Take control of each day.

Face every challenge.

When you feel stuck and dream of being better or doing something amazing, you can.

Transform yourself from the inside out.

Dream Believe and Be Fabulous- because you can!

Feature Article

It's never too late to start running!

+It is never too late to start running. 

I ran a little bit at school I was pretty slow, I hated cross-country day. I remember doing ok in a sprint race when I was about 15. But my passion was horse riding and for the next 25 years I never gave running a second thought unless it was absolutely necessary to head off stock in the paddock! 
Two back operations later I was getting some personal training sessions as part of my rehab. I nearly fell off the treadmill when my trainer said – right Ginny you are going to run now… so I did, my lungs burnt and my legs went into complete and utter shock.
After I passed my PT exams I started walking with clients – this led to me walking half marathons with. I loved it… it gave me the opportunity to get outside and see New Zealand.
I continued to walk halves until - I couldn’t walk them any faster. Because I am a little competitive with myself I had to start jogging to beat my time.
So at 47 for the first time I became a runner, I ran many halves and then set myself the goal of running a full marathon before I turned 50. I ran Rotorua Marathon and was hooked. In 2010 I ran New York, then I did Rotorua a couple more times before doing Auckland Marathon and the Mountain to Surf  in new Plymouth and Rotorua again. 
 I really want to have a go at some ultras but I have osteoporosis and have suffered 7 stress fractures during my Marathon years. I am currently recovering from a knee operation which may mean the end of the road for me. But we will see.
However, over the years I have trained hundreds of people and got them running many have run marathons and ultras and have received a whole new lease of life.
Running is a mind game it is brilliant for your soul and allows you to connect with yourself. It is brilliant medicine  for depression, it builds bone density and despite the notion that it messes up your knee joints, many studies show that the reverse is true. 
Running is empowering I have made many awesome friends and travelled widely during my years of running – I have many clients who have taken up running in thier 50’s and 60’s they now win their age groups and have discovered a whole new passion for life.
Whatever your age start with walking to condition your joints before you even think of running.
Get set up with good shoes that are right for you and socks.
Build up really slowly. 
Run, walk, run.
Don’t get too carried away and do too much too soon.
Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a session or have a bad day.
Run every second day to allow your joints, bones and soft tissue to recover.
Next week I will give you a 5km program so start walking now!

Join Outlook for our 6 Week Challenge! November 2nd!

Join us for out Pre Christmas 6 Week blitz challenge! Weekly food plan, tailored to your lifestyle and goals. Nutrition Consultation each week. Great fun, supportive group training sessions.Contact us today, spaces are limited!



  • 5am Body Sculpt
  • 6am - Group Training/walk/run
  • 9am - Group Training
  • 10am Low Impact
  • 6.00pm OFL (Outlook For Life) Cardio Class


  • 5am Walk/run
  • 6am – Run/walk/Group Training
  • 9am –  Group Training
  • 10am OFL Intro (Very Low Impact/Rehab)
  • 11am OFL Mums & Bubs
  • 5.30pm – OFL Box Fit
  • 6.30pm Strength Training


  • 5am Body Sculpt
  • 6am – OFL Group Training/Run/Walk
  • 9am – OFL Circuit
  • 10am Low Impact
  • 5.30pm OFL Cardio


  • 5am – OFL Sculpt
  • 6am Group Training/Run/Walk
  • 9.00am OFL Box Fit
  • 10am OFL Intro
  • 11am OFL Mums & Bubs
  • 5.30pm OFL –Box Fit
  • 6.30pm Strength Training


  • 5am Body Sculpt
  • 6.00am –OFL Cardio Class
  • 9.00am – OFL Circuit
  • 10.00am Low Impact
  • 5.30pm – Group Training


  • 6.00am – Run/Walk 
  • 9am Class

Please bring towel and drink bottle to workout / pump sessions. 
All workout/pump sessions are at the studio downstairs at The Tractor Centre.
Run/walk sessions meet at Bledisloe Park

Monthly Passes unlimited classes + nutrition consult $110 per calendar month.

The Small Print.

Please note that whilst there is no joining fee we do require one months notice to end your membership.

If you need to put your membership on hold we can only do so for a minimum of 2 weeks, with advance notice. If you choose to miss your nutrition appointment for the month it is non transferable.

Cancellation Policy. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for nutrition consults and Personal Training sessions. If you do not let us know within 24 hours we will have to charge you. We are very busy and need to be able to re book clients on our waitlist.