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Outlook for Life
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Outlook for Life Nutrition

Our nutrition consultations are on a one-one basis. Whatever your goal from weight loss to sports nutrition your food plan will be unique to you.

We also work with Doctors refferals and people who are suffering from diabetes and heart disease our results speak for themselves.

Feature Article

12 week challenge

Registration Tonight at 6pm!!

Feature Article

Social/Environmental Conscience

As I can't run anymore I'm thinking I might start riding my bike to work.

If you know me you will also be aware of how much I hate to bike!

Join Outlook for our 12 Week Challenge! February 9th!

Join us for our Post Christmas 12 Week challenge! Weekly food plan, tailored to your lifestyle and goals. Nutrition Consultation each week. Great fun, supportive group training sessions.Contact us today, spaces are limited!



  • 5am Body Sculpt
  • 6am - Group Training/walk/run
  • 9am - Group Training
  • 10am Low Impact
  • 6.00pm  Cardio Class off road


  • 5am Walk/run
  • 6am – Run/walk/Group Training
  • 7.15am Sculpt
  • 9am –  Group Training
  • 10am OFL Intro (Very Low Impact/Rehab)
  • 11am OFL Mums & Bubs
  • 4pm Body Sculpt
  • 5.30pm – OFL Box Fit
  • 6.30pm Strength Training


  • 5am Body Sculpt
  • 6am – Pump
  • 9am – OFL Circuit
  • 10am Low Impact
  • 5.30pm  Cardio off road


  • 5am – OFL Sculpt
  • 6am Group Training/Run/Walk
  • OFL Sculpt
  • 9.00am OFL Box Fit
  • 10am OFL Intro
  • 11am OFL Mums & Bubs
  • 2pm Body Sculpt
  • 5.30pm OFL –Box Fit
  • 6.30pm Strength Training


  • 5am Body Sculpt
  • 6.00am –OFL Cardio Class
  • 9.00am – OFL Circuit
  • 10.00am Low Impact
  • 5.30pm – Group Training


  • 6.00am – Run/Walk 
  • 9am Class

Please bring a towel and drink bottle to all workout sessions. 
All workout sessions are at the studio downstairs at The Tractor Centre.
Run/walk sessions meet at Bledisloe Park Off road sessios vary.

Monthly Passes unlimited classes + nutrition consult $120 per calendar month.

The Small Print.

Please note that whilst there is no joining fee we do require one months notice to end your membership.

If you need to put your membership on hold we can only do so for a minimum of 2 weeks, with advance notice. If you choose to miss your nutrition appointment for the month it is non transferable.

Cancellation Policy. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for nutrition consults and Personal Training sessions. If you do not let us know within 24 hours we will have to charge you. We are very busy and need to be able to re book clients on our waitlist.